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Pyramids in Tenerife

To the natives of Tenerife , the island was known as Chenech, Chinech or Achinech, El Teide has proved to be more than just a volcano, it has also provided lava rocks for the creation of the Pyramids of Güímar.

Pyramids in Tenerife
Pyramids of Guimar.
On the east coast of Tenerife close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the town of Güímar, which is home to the famous Pirámides de Güímar - an amazing array of small pyramids, contained in a small park. Not like the great pyramid of Giza, bit just as bizaar in their own way!

These six step pyramids of Güímar are like nearly all pyramids, a mystery. Farmers were believed to have stacked large boulders to create these edifices, which was common practice. There used to be more pyramids, nine to be exact, but the stones are believed to have been taken away for building work elsewhere!

Thor Heyerdahl (aka Mr Kon-Tiki)the Norwegian adventurer discovered that the they were true pyramids, with many likenesses to those built by the Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico. Heyerdahl also figured out that the rocks were not local but made of lava from the volcanic formation of El Teide. As with most pyramids they also has an astronomical orientation. On the day of the he summer solstice (June) the sun sets twice and can be seen from the biggest pyramid at Güímar. After this the sun sinks behind a mountain peak, then appears again before setting behind the next peak.

Some Guanches, the first known inhabitants of the Canary Islands, who were still in the Stone Age when explorers arrives during the middle ages, lived in a cave under the pyramids. This was almost certainly for convenience and the history associated had been long lost by the time explorers arrived.

In addition, of all the existing pyramids have stairs on their western side, leading towards the rising sun on the winter solstice. Heyerdahl never did find out how old the pyramids were - or who built them.

Heyerdahl believed and tried to prove with his exploits that there were ancient shipping lanes between the Mediterranean and the Americas and used a number of craft (papyrus amongst them). Two pavilions contain exhibitions about Heyerdahl and models of his boats, among them a reproduction of the Ra II in original size.

Heyerdahl made his mark at Güímar and the curators and organisers, in light of little other explanations, do adopt his thinking. Unfortunately Heyerdahl passed away in 2002 and can longer be interrogated on his theories!

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Pyramids Tenerife

Pyramids Tenerife

Pyramids Tenerife

Pyramids Tenerife

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